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Singled Out by Clubs

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 27, 2014, 6:06 PM

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** Singled Out by Clubs **



* UPDATE (2014/03/28): Today I had one more deviation blocked at a club because it was claimed to be posted at the "wrong category". An Anime character cannot be "Anime" if the media was 3D. This immediately sent me back to 8 years ago at a time when posting at my own DA gallery would have the same fate. When choosing the category, I could only pick "3D Objects" no matter the contents.

My only question to the club was this: "Why are my deviations being confined into a single category defined solely by the media type? According to your logic, shouldn't all posts created with (for example) traditional media be confined into a single category with that name"? I was kindly told that "the club rules are not open to negotiations, so if you don't like it, just leave". That's funny when I've only joined the club because I was invited - they asked me to, and now they ask me to leave.

This is not the first time something like this happens, and probably won't be the last. They look at my gallery and like my art, but don't realize my media is 3D. Evidently, that didn't matter when they decided to like my art and invite me to joint their club. I eventually realize I am being discriminated, and then they let me know I am no longer welcome. That's it in a nutshell. Happened many times.

Someone here asked me why don't I post only at 3D galleries to avoid such hassles. Well, I didn't know I was confined to a 3D ghetto, for I thought this was a community dedicated to "art". In the last 8 years I have seen people pointing fingers at "digital media" as a whole, meaning anything created in a computer is not art. Of course, all modern Disney/Pixar feature movies are 3D, and therefore (according to this definition) they are not artistic in any matter.

Throughout the last 70 years, Disney Animation Studios (DAS) have formalized the concepts of artistic composition and color theory used around the world in art school lectures, but since 3D is not art and they use 3D media in their movies, they must all be reduced to charlatans, right? After all, in spite of the fact that DAS have been the leading edge in art theory and practice, according to what I am being told here, what they do cannot be considered art.

Pixar is another company that has a record of earning more achievement awards than any other feature movie studio in the planet. With perhaps one exception, everything they have produced has become a box office success, which is also unheard in the movie industry. But since every single animated movie they have ever produced was in 3D media, according to what I am seeing here at DA, they don't deserve any merit because what they do is not art.

All the experts in the respective technical and artistic areas must have misjudged Disney and Pixar because the movies were created with 3D media, which according to what I am being told here at DA clubs, is undeserving of any artistic merit. Mind you, I am not comparing my amateurish work to the level of the Disney/Pixar masters - I am only stating that I use the same media being discriminated at DA clubs.

For those who still don't understand what the point is here, let me put it in simple words:

1. Clubs create categories based on the deviation content, theme and style, except for 3D media, which is listed as a single category called "3D". This means anything created in 3D media is all the same, having no specific theme, gender, or style. It's no better than how it was at DA gallery categories 8 years ago, where 3D could only be posted as "objects", no matter what it was.

2. When I ask the clubs why is my media being discriminated, they tell me there is no discrimination, but the rules are not open to discussion, so if I don't like them, I am free to leave.

3. 3D artists have become complacent towards discrimination, which becomes more apparent when they prefer to be confined into "3D ghettos" to avoid the prejudice and humiliation.

For those who still don't believe there is discrimination against 3D media at DA clubs, then ask yourself how would you feel if you could only post at a single category named after your particular media type, while everybody else can choose a variety of categories based on the actual deviation contents, theme, gender and style? How would you like that? If you think you wouldn't mind, then most likely it is because this is not actually happening to you, so it doesn't affect you. Believe me, things feel different when it's on your skin. ;)

Some of you may ask - why don't I simply leave these clubs and call it a day? Back when I just joined DA, things were terrible for 3D artists, with daily doses of flaming, insults, and intolerance. Not only I have endured, but I have fought for my right to be here for years before it got as you know it now. If I had become complacent, nothing would have changed and I would still be suffering the same fate to this date. Many of the new 3D artists who have joined later have only benefited from what was accomplished by me and others who stood our ground.

So what can we do when some DA clubs are still living in the past? Just because I stand my ground doesn't mean I have all the answers. It is the 3D community who will choose what to do, not me alone and isolated. Some of the possible options are (but not limited to):

* Boycott all clubs that discriminate 3D media, and check any future clubs if they have a single "3D" category before you join. If they do, decline the invitation and explain why.

* Ask the club admins to remove the "3D filtering", so you can choose a club category that doesn't discriminate the media type. If they refuse, which is in their [intolerant] right, leave the club.

The only thing I ask is don't close yourself into a 3D ghetto by fear of being discriminated. Being complacent will only make sure you are contributing to perpetuate prejudice against you. From my own personal experience of standing my ground against prejudice, I KNOW things can change over time because the status quo only make THEM look bad in the eyes of the community.

Remember this - if the likes of Disney and Pixar are showing us with real world examples that 3D media is as deserving as any other artistic media out there, they must be right. For those who disagree, they must think that they are right and the rest of the world is wrong. Which one is more likely to be correct? :)



If you are reading this article, you are already familiar with some of the most common kinds of medias used to create art, such as traditional, digital, and photography. When I first joined deviantART back in 2005, there was already a 3D category, but the only subcategory was "objects". That means that although we know that 3D is just another media, whatever was posted under that category could only be referred to as an "object".

It took years, but we now have multiple subcategories to choose from when posting something created with 3D media. To me that was especially important because when I started this gallery, I was only posting illustrations of 3D Anime characters, but they could only be posted as "objects". As you can imagine, I wasn't happy about that.

Nowadays we have clubs where people can look for art organized by specific niches. Many here consider clubs to be as important as categories because they are the means to bring people with similar interests together. As you can imagine, clubs have also created their own categories for us to post our art. Here again, there seems to be quite some confusion when it comes to distinguishing what is a media, and what is a category.

Some examples we see listed as categories include things like "Cartoon", "Fantasy", "Female", and "3D" where the first three are actual categories, while the last one is just a media type. Maybe that wouldn't really matter to most people, but once again I see 3D media been singled out. Each club may have like two dozen categories to choose from, but the usual is that one of them is 3D, and I am being told I cannot post anywhere but there.

You may ask what's wrong with that? Well, here's the thing. I create an Anime character and want to submit it to an "Anime" category, which sounds about right to me. But then it gets rejected because [they claim] I have submitted it to the "wrong category". They claim I should had submitted it to the "3D" category. Hmm, am I the only one seeing something wrong with this?


So, does that mean that if an illustration is created in a certain media, it cannot belong to any category besides the media it was created with? Why is 3D as a media been singled out when it comes to club categories? Is there some kind of prejudice or bigotry going on here? Is history repeating itself, like it was when I first joined dA many years ago?
Of course, there are clubs that actually discriminate between what medias are being used, but I am talking about the clubs that list a lot of categories, independent of what media was used to create them, and then a category called "3D". Personally, I find that an outrageous form of discrimination. Over the years, I couldn't help but notice how many here don't actually understand the nature of the 3D media. That becomes more evident when people refer to 3D images as "drawings".

If we accept this, that would mean that a 3D character cannot be a "character" or be identified by any styles - it can only be "3D". A 3D landscape cannot be a "landscape", but only "3D". You get the idea. Therefore, I urge you to talk to the admin of the clubs you post at to remove the "3D filtering" from their categories for the sake of fairness, since they don't seem to care in what media the other posts were created with.


This may be just the result of misunderstanding when a lot of people don't seem to understand the nature of 3D media, but I believe it's something that needs to be corrected.


Clubs I joined:
:iconposeraddicts: :iconcatgirl-zone: :iconkawaii-neko-club: :iconglossy-legs-club: :iconpantyhoselovers: :icon3danimationgroup: :icontradewinds3d: :iconarizona-art-history: :iconpanoramaclub: :iconworld-of-catgirls: :iconkemonomimilovers: :iconanime-manga-artists: :iconflanimate: :icondemons-n-angels: :iconanime-catgirls: :iconfemale-incorporated: :iconbrazilians: :icondarkskin-love: :iconsexyvoluptuousvixens: :iconhouse-of-fetishes: :icondawn-of-a-new-era:

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Chances are that nearly everybody likes collecting things during their life. My mom collects dolls from different countries, my friend collects stamps, another one collects buttons and so on. I collect Anime videos and have been doing so for over a decade now.
But the funny thing is that those collections only have a meaning to us. You might have a grandparent who passed away and left their own collections of something behind, and your family doesn't have a clue on what to do with it. If it's valuable maybe it can be sold. If not, it will either be dumped somewhere or donated to whoever might want it.
My wife and I went to some antique shops the past weekend and I couldn't help noticing how many meticulously preserved collections we found there. We found things of all sorts, like Coca Cola collectables from the 1950's and classic car miniatures from the 1960's. I remembered some of those things from my childhood (I was born in the late 60's) but never imagined someon
-Inaho's Homework- by ken1171
ShadoGal Mai Chronicles IShadoGal Mai Chronicles I: Living Forever
There are many vampire stories based on the fact that life loses its meaning if you cannot die. Those stories tend to emphasize that life itself can become a burden in such cases, because after a few centuries there is nothing much of new to be seen or learned, especially because history tends to repeat itself over and over.
That's how I defined the personality of ShadoGal Mai, my wacky half-vampire (damphyr) character. One can become quite bored after living for 500 years, and many books and movies have covered aspects of it, such as "Interview with a Vampire" and "Highlander". But in those stories the characters were nearly all male, and I here I wanted to show a female side of the story.
Human nature dictates that we will value the most what we don't have, or things that are rare and thus, precious. But immortality makes life itself worthless. In a vampire perspective life has advantages, although they have to live without a good deal of the
ShadoGal Mai Chronicles II====================================
ShadoGal Mai Chronicles II: Fay and the Scroll of Dhakr

One thing to keep in mind is that Mai us a supernatural being. She inherited a vampire hypnotic gaze that can paralyze humans with ease. After a "love bite", they become addicted to her highly arousing ways and will tend to come back for more at regular periods, which is very convenient for both sides. It's like the next step in the vampire symbiotic evolution, which is described in the "Unification Prophecy".
Mai doesn't like fighting and in most cases she never has to. That's the nature of vampires. She can paralyze any human just by looking at them in the eyes, no matter their physical strength - the gaze paralyzes a human (or even animals) by freezing their souls right at the core. Besides that, Mai has the strength of 10 men, which means trying to defeat her by brute force is unlikely to work by all means. It's not physical strength, but rather a
ShadoGal Mai Chronicles IIIEpisode III: Dawn of the Ancients
Fay was sitting comfortably on a sofa in this magnificent mansion. She was used to be at different places every once in a while, because her job forces her to move from place to place every few decades. There were five men around her, looking very suspicious of the new location. The older one, Vance, was particularly uncomfortable with the place because it has too many windows. He was not concerned about his privacy or anything, but instead about his own safety, since sunlight can be quite inconvenient to most vampires – especially the older ones.
They spent the following hours painting all of the windows black, and only then Vance could finally sit and rest on the large and decorated sofa where Fay had already fell asleep. How long has it been since the five of them have been faithfully following this woman? It becomes hard to keep track of time in terms of human years, since numbers in that system can quickly grow large. Vance thinks to himsel

-ShadoGal Chronicles IV-~ShadoGal Chronicles~
Episode IV: Legend of the Primal Princess

Legend claims the queen of the extinct race of the "Ancients" had four beautiful daughters, where the youngest was Mai (500 years old) and the oldest was Sethalus (8,000 years old). None of the girls knew of each others existence or of their significance on the events to come. As far as they know, they are the only ones of their kind although deep inside they want to believe there are others. Vampires have mixed feelings about them because they are not harmed by most of the common things they fear, such as direct sunlight and holy objects. The girls have become outcasts of both human and vampire societies, often seen as abominations. To some others, they are perhaps the answer to a long forgotten vampire prophecy that foresees the return of the "Ancients", from whom legend says the first vampires descended from.
With her fixed bat wings and pointy ears, Sethalus can walk in broad daylight and even eat human food. Ev
-Fatal Delivery- by ken1171 -A bird? A plane? No, it's...-
~A bird? A plane? No, it's...~
One of the advantages of being 500 years old is that you have probably already seen it all. ShadoGal Mai was in a trip to the Big Apple when she spotted an interesting male figure flying in cape & tights over the city - but without any wings. Well, Mai has many superhuman powers, but flying without wings is certainly not one of them. Even less at speed! Very curious, She followed the man in tights until he landed somewhere in the streets. He apparently found somebody in distress and went down to help. Mai was very impressed by him: how can he have so much strength? Dad said I can't go out with human pets, but what about him? He can't be human!
Mai followed the guy in tights until he went back home. As she hid inside his house, she sneaked around until she found the perfect opportunity to give him a little surprise 'love' bite from behind. Mai used her inherited vampire powers to keep the guy still while taking a sip. She immediately notic

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MrTuRn 1 day ago  Professional Digital Artist
awesome gallery!!!
ken1171 21 hours ago  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you! :hug:
SherbertTCat Apr 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Got a 360 dirt cheap over the weekend, at a yard sale, so it was time to grab some games. Got a game called "Ken's Rage". Its Fist of the North Star, with the game play of Dynasty Warriors. A perfect match if I ever saw one. Plus the title is kind of amusing. It conjures images of a certain artist having a mad about something! :meow:
ken1171 Apr 14, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Yay Kenshirow! WAAAATA-TA-TA-TA-TA-TA-TAAAAA! Omae wa mou shinde iru. ("You are already dead"). ;p
SherbertTCat Apr 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The game is stupid hard. You have to level up your abilities a bunch before you can even complete the first level.
ken1171 Apr 14, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
I remember taking quite a beating when I first played Dragon Age, and got into a fight at "level 1". What was my surprise when I realized that was probably good enough to kill ants - if they were slow enough. :XD:
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TreasureMan Apr 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Free commision for people who can give me great advice and connections for getting into the cartoon and/ or gaming indusrty. I only draw single characters within my style of drawing and it takes me approximately 10 working days to do so. More details will be given out if we get in touch.
ken1171 Apr 10, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
I don't know about cartoon, but I have worked in the gaming industry both as a 3D artist and game programmer. What do you want to know? ^^
TreasureMan Apr 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
How to get into the industry without college
ken1171 Apr 10, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
That depends on the company you want to work for. For example, some places care a lot about degrees (I have two in Computer Science), while others are more interested in your portfolio and what you can do for the company still today. In other words, if you have a strong portfolio, companies may overlook the education part because they care more about how much money you can make for them right now, and yours skills will be evaluated based on what you show in your portfolio.

Just a word of caution - gaming companies are struggling to survive nowadays, so it might not be exactly "comfortable" to work long hours, salaries may not be the best, you are always under pressure for crazy deadlines, people are being fired periodically, and it is becoming common to expect people to accept not being paid for overtime. It is also becoming common NOT to be recognized for your hard work and positive results, which can be discouraging. In other words, this is becoming a field where people work for the love of it, not for the money anymore. I know a guy who was euphoric for finally getting hired by Blizzard, but he quit in just 2 weeks because of different combinations of the above. A while ago a local gaming company called me for an interview where they wanted me to model 16 cars for a racing game that need to be recognizable by specific maker and year, but they wanted it done in 2 weeks for less than $600 total. I declined, but they soon after found somebody else who didn't do it for the money - like he didn't have bills to pay. Here again, people don't seem to be doing this for the money anymore.
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